The Perfect Steak


Hand Selected.

Hand Cut.

Heavily aged for 30 Days.

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Processed Meats



Proudly Serving “Raider Red Meats”

Our product line is broad, consisting of fully-cooked and ready-to-eat meats such as smoked beef prime rib, smoked sausage and beef jerky as well as premium cuts of all kinds for the personal cooking experience. Our steaks are carefully chosen and heavily aged to perfection. We strive to offer only the highest quality, most consistent eating experience possible!

USDA Prime Beef

USDA Prime Beef is in a class by itself! Prime Beef represents only the top 2% of the beef market. “Raider Red Meats” is one of the only retail outlets within 350 miles of Lubbock that offers customers USDA Prime beef.

Hand Selected Cuts

Their steaks are hand-selected and heavily aged from the top 7% of the beef market. This selection ensures a consistent, high quality eating experience every time!

Wet Aged Beef

Each “Raider Red Meats'” steak is aged a minimum of 30 days for enhanced beef flavor and tenderness. Wet aged beef remains sealed in a cryovac bag and stored in a 36° – 38° environment during the aging process. Aging creates consistency and consistency creates happy a customers!